Wize for business

Since its inception in late 2011, Wize has been engaged in long-term relationships with a plethora of organizations of all sectors and is currently collaborating with business organizations, government offices and non-profit organizations. Wize is an avid supporter of cross-sector collaborations, believing that all organizations share the responsibility and the privilege of shaping Israeli society and culture.

Wize provides its partners and collaborators with high-end, and end-to-end, production services, using its infrastructure and experience in organizing lectures and talks in bars and pubs, in pursuit of its agenda and goals. Wize produces lectures (and series of lectures) for organizations, providing content and logistics oriented services.


Why Work With Us? Wize is not a freelance event organizer, but a non-profit dedicated to facilitating a content-oriented nightlife in Israel and to the dissemination of knowledge in an informal and accessible fashion. Wize is a non-partisan organization that aids organizations from all walks of life to share their accumulated knowledge, and agenda, in an informal and accessible fashion. ]

Among the organization that we have collaborated with, you may find the Trump Foundation, the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, The Israeli Ministry of Finance, The Segol School of Neuroscience in Tel-Aviv University, The Israeli Export Institute, [note: please add more and include relevant links]

All proceeds received from such collaborations allow Wize to enhance, sustain and increase its core activity – production of talks and lectures in bars and pubs for the general audience, for free.

Interested in working with us? Contact Amit, the CEO of Wize at [email protected]