About us


WIZE is a movement, dedicated to the shaping and forming of a new culture of night-life in Israel, hosting events that bring interesting people and content together over a glass of beer or wine.

Established by a few Israelis in their 20s, WIZE aims to transform Israel's nightlife paradigms and to fuse them with informal education and entrench the concept of knowledge as a form of popular entertainment. WIZE is a-political, a-partisan and non-profit.

Events hosted by WIZE feature a wide variety of interesting topics, amongst them are Popular Science, Hi-Tech, Arts and many more. Each event is hosted in an intimate Pub/Bar across israel. Each event hosts over 100 guests and is open to the public, free of charge.

In 2013, WIZE received a luxurious grant in total of 150,000 NIS from the Trump Foundation for Education dedicated to a joint project named "Morim Al Ha-Bar" ("Teaching & Drinking"), hosting outstanding science educators. The project promotes exceptional scientific educational methods, in a series of 25 events during 2014-2015, featuring Israel's finest science educators.

In addition to "Morim Al Ha-Bar", WIZE has vast experience in producing events for a variety of partners, including: Ministry of Science & Technology (2014 Israeli National Science Day), Taub Center for Social Policy Studies, The Institute for National Security Studies, Globes' "Kalkala Al Ha-Bar" project, Mazeh 9 – Municipal Center for the Young, Dr. Yossi Vardi's DLD Conference, "Skeptics at the Bar" Association and more.

We are currently focused on expanding the scope and intensity of our activities in the Israeli social and geographical periphery, as well as on promoting social ventures, institutions and alternative cultural events.

WIZE hosts experts and professionals from all fields: Prof. Dan Ariely, World renowned behavioral economist; Prof. Daniel Zajfmann, Director of the Weizmann Institute of Science; Prof. Rivka Carmi, President of the Ben-Gurion University; Prof. Yair Tauman, Economist and former dean of the IDC's Faculty for Business Administration; Prof. Ghilad Zuckermann, world renowned Linguist; Yanki Margalit, a famous start-up entrepreneur and a hi-tech investor; CEOs of Israeli startups and Hi-tech companies, journalists and many other interesting individuals.

From its inception, WIZE is a non-profit enterprise, and as of 2013 is operated by "Hachamim Ba'Laila" Association.